White coat syndrome and anemia…

I mentioned in a previous post that my blood pressure was skyrocketing at appointments. As a precaution, I had to collect urine for 24 hours for it to be tested for proteins. All came back clear. I have normal protien in my urine. Risk of preeclampsia decreased!

However… I am anemic. I was advised to take iron supplements and I sucked at taking them as prescribed. They made me vomit and constipated. Awesome combo. Yesterday, I was lecturer by my OBGYN on the importance of taking the supplements and the risks I could face if I don’t take them. Basically blood transfusion/ possible heart failure for myself and the baby. I could give a shit about me, but now I am terrified for my girl. I was told I should be ok if I stick to the supplements and if those don’t work they do an IV infusion. I’ll be rechecked at 28 weeks at the time of my glucose screening. I feel like a bad mom already. I should of just took the damn supplements and dealt with the discomfort… Well here’s to iron and stoop softners! Cheers. 

Pre-eclampsia or White Coat Syndrome?

Yesterday I had an appointment with my OBGYN.  As per routine, the nurse took my blood pressure. My reading was 142/96. It was quite high, yikes.  Every visit, my initial reading looks like this. Its pretty high.  As I am approaching 20 weeks, my doctor is concerned about pre-eclampsia.  As a precaution, she wants me to do a 24 hour urine collection. Basically, I get to pee in a big orange bucket (or 2) for 24 hours and store it in the fridge in between tinkles…This sample will give a baseline of the protein in my urine and help making any diagnosis down the road.

Prior to leaving the office, I had the doctor take another reading.  My blood pressure went down to 117/78! Significantly lower, yet still slightly elevated. She was impressed by this and we then discussed the possibility of White Coat Syndrome, hypertension as a result of a doctors visit. Given my history, this is a likely scenario and one I am hoping for. Prior to any visit, I am super anxious and allow the worst case scenarios manifest in my head.  This accompanied by our hour and 40 minute wait in the waiting room (gotta love when a doctor runs late), doesn’t make for a good blood pressure recipe.

Has anyone experienced this with a pregnancy after loss(es)? If so- any advice? Obviously my biggest concern is developing pre-eclampsia early and needing to deliver preterm…

Also- any thoughts on at home blood pressure monitors for this kind of situation?