I’m okay…

I have been feeling relatively okay the last couple of days. Although I wonder if that feeling is associated with me being in my fertile window. That somehow, I become more hopeful, and then okay. I realize this becomes a very unhealthy pattern when I get my period two weeks later and loose all hope and cry…. But I will remain hopeful. To be honest, it’s been kind of a relief to not really think about trying. By ‘not really’ I mean I am not really talking about it. My husband, although might suspect, has no inclination of where I am in my cycle. I am not demanding sex in a vocal way. In fact, we are three days into my window and we haven’t had sex yet. I know I ovulate around day 16-17 so I am not in a rush until tomorrow through Saturday… And I said I wasn’t thinking about it. Ha! I should just reiterate again- I am not talking about it (other than this blog and an occasional comment here and there). 

Tomorrow I go for acupuncture. I look forward to it. It makes me feel calm and it is usually followed by a really good nap. Last week I started it for fertility boosting. I needed to do something that would make me feel like I was controlling the situation. At least the act of it makes me feel like I am doing all I can (along with exercising, eating healthy, sleeping well and taking folic acid). 

I recently got into running. I have tried before but after one run I would become disabled and unable to move any part of my lower body. Recently, this hasn’t been an issue and I have been able to run 2-4 miles over consecutive days and feel fine! I am also discovering a runners high which is a great motivator! My goals is to be able to run 5 miles without stopping and becoming sore. I anticipate that this goal will take some time until it is met! 

Next Thursday is my last day of work for 3.5 weeks. I am so excited for the break and the time off I will have!! I can’t wait to sleep in and spend time with my family. 

Back to trying- any advice on how to maintain a calmness as I anticipate ovulation to increase my chances of conception? 

I miss the days when I did not know what went into making a baby! When it sounded all magical and romantic…