Officially trying

So my husband and I are now trying to get pregnant again. I was apparently in my ‘fertile window’ over the weekend and we took advantage of that. Now comes the TWW, the two week wait, and the obsessing. I told myself I wasn’t going to use an OPK. I was going to use the app Ovia which worked last time. On day 18 of my cycle, I was curious and took a Ovulation test. It was a faint positive which is equivalent to not ovulating- but does that mean I ovulated the day prior? We weren’t able to have sex the last 2 days of my fertile window, but did have sex twice on my ‘most fertile day,’ according to the app. Since this was my first cycle in 6 months, I am assuming that everything was how it was prior, but I am nervous that it’s not. I am nervous that I missed an opportunity because  we weren’t able to have sex all six days… And I am obsessing…. 

How do I not let my head go crazy with this stuff?  If I got pregnant easily twice (first months try resulted in a chemical pregnancy and then the second was the next cycle which resulted in a TFMR), then could it be just as easy this time? How do I sit back and just let nature do it’s thing? I don’t know how to be ‘laid back’ and ‘relaxed’ when it comes to trying to get pregnant after everything I’ve been through. Help.