Capture your Grief: Day 13- Regrets + Triggers 


I wish I didn’t worry as much as I did during the pregnancy. Worrying for me did not change the outcome, it’s just made me miserable. Of course this is easier said than done in hindsight, but I am trying my hardest to put that into practice through this pregnancy. 


  • Baby bumps of all shapes and sizes (even though I am currently pregnant, I never had a bump before and a bump to me indicates a healthy baby… Also something I have yet to have)
  • Pregnancy announcements prior to 12 weeks- aren’t you fucking lucky to still be blissful ignorant. 
  • Pregnancy announcements on social media- aren’t you fucking lucky to be blissfully ignorant… 
  • People who assume pregnancy = baby- once again- fuck you and your blissful ignorance.
  • Newborn girls 
  • Pregnant woman pregnant with newborn girls 
  • My daughter’s name (I do not wish to disclose) 
  • Ultrasounds (my blood pressure sky rockets and I tend to cry)