Capture Your Grief: Day 7- Memory

I only carried my daughter for 15 weeks, so, unfortunately, I do not have a plethora of memories.  I do remember the first time we saw her during an ultrasound. This is for sure, my fondest memory.  My husband and I were in the exam room with our doctor.  The second he was able to detect our baby, the doctor scream ‘And there is the heartbeat!’ We had a previous loss before, so the doctor understood our anxiety and wanted to join in in our excitement! We could see the baby pretty clear for just about 8 weeks.  I was surprised since I had never seen a baby on an ultrasound before and in my awe, out loud, I said ‘it has a head!’ My husband just shook his head and the doctor replied by saying ‘gee, I’d hope so!’

  The first ultrasound with my daughter at around 8 weeks 

 From this moment on, I touched my stomach a lot. I touched it in order to be closer to her. I wanted to remind her that I knew she was there and there wasn’t a moment that would go by where I wouldn’t remind myself of her existence and smile.