37 bumpdate 

How far along: 37 weeks and 5 days. 9 days until we meet baby!

Baby is the size of: Winter melon or honeydew melon. She is 19-22 inches long and between 6 and 7 pounds. However, my doctor thinks she is closer to 7 pounds.

Total weight gain:24 pounds


  • insomnia! It is currently 2:53 am and I have been wide awake for an hour
  • hunger throughout the night…that might of been what woke me up in the first place and I might of gotten into last night’s left overs…
  • hemorrhoids….and they are starting to hurt
  • heartburn- I have gone through a bottle of tums in about 10 days
  • loose bowels- well this is a relief! This was the first reason I was awake in the middle of the night. I have to say its a nice change from the constipation that requires twice daily stool softeners…
  • peeing CONSTANTLY…I mean like now it is every 10 minutes…
  • pregnancy brain like whoa
  • increased sex drive

Food cravings:

  • Cereal and milk
  • fruit
  • carbs…like I could happily eat a baguette of french bread with peanut butter

Anything making you queasy or sick?:

  • nope!

Movement: Oh yes. Because she is feet first I get constant swift kicks to my vagina. Its a good wake up call in the moments I am dozing off…This would come in handy if I was still commuting to work and needing the wake up call. However, this is not the case so with every kick I stop dead in my tracks and sarcastically thank my daughter for the reminder that she is still kicking around.

Stretch marks: nope!

Gender: Girl, but like I said, I have an irrational fear she is going to come out boy. I suffer from anxiety and I feel like this is how my anxiety is manifesting. I was assured by my doctor that MFM in the hospital has never made a mistake on gender reveals. In addition, we saw the vagina at 27 weeks…so there is that.

Happy or moody? I am generally happy but getting very anxious. I really want to meet this baby of mine and although I promised myself I would enjoy these last few days of pregnancy I am getting over being large and in charge. I am partially over it, because I want to make sure she comes out healthy. Oh anxiety…

Best moments this week/baby milestones: I reached full term!!!!

Purchases for baby: I purchased an oxo tot wipe dispenser, one for the nursery and one travel sized. I know- its very exciting. We also received a beautiful hand knitted sweater and hats for baby from friends of ours.

Purchases for momma: Nipple butter! Apparently its a life saver for preparing your nipples for breast feeding and then to use after feedings.

The bump: measuring right on track according to the doctor!

Miss anything?

  • remembering things
  • not feeling like I should walk around without pants to make peeing every 10 minutes easier
  • being able to reach…to wipe…
  • the thought of having sex without thinking…ugh but HOW?
  • not having my boobs rest nicely on my stomach

Looking forward to? 

Obviously April 22nd!


36 week bumpdate

How far along: 36 weeks 6 days! I have a scheduled C-section at 39 weeks so….Exactly 15 days until we meet baby!

Baby is the size of: Large cantaloupe, papaya, or honeydew melon! She is anywhere from 19-22 inches long and weighs around 6 pounds.

Total weight gain: about 25 pounds


  • contractions apparently they are no longer braxton hicks
  • heartburn
  • rib pain- I had so wished that one was not returning
  • pregnancy brain

Food cravings:

  • fruit
  • cookies
  • chocolate
  • and basically everything- I can’t stop eating this week

Anything making you queasy or sick?: nope!

Movement: Yes- because my stubborn baby is still in breech position I get swift kicks in the vagina on the regular. My OB put it beautifully: feels like a coat hanger to the vagina. Yup. She hit the nail on the head with that one.

Stretch marks: nope, however, I am sure I’ll have them after birth when my skin doesn’t know where to go after being so stretched out

Gender:girl- but as I have been saying, I have an irrational fear she is going to come out with a penis.

Happy or moody? I am happy! I am even more happy that my doctor pulled me out of work due to my long commute. The commute itself was exhausting: waking up at 5 am and leaving before 6 to commute an hour to an hour a half into Manhattan and then the same on the way back. Sitting behind the wheel was not only uncomfortable, but it was worrisome. I was getting contractions on my way to work because I refuse to drink liquids prior to getting in my car. If I drank anything before I got in the car I was risking peeing my pants…there is also limited places to stop along the drive…and apparently dehydration brings on contractions. Because baby is in breech, contractions are not my friend. There is fear of the cord prolapsing (going into the birth canal before the baby) if my water breaks. This can compromise the baby’s oxygen supply. So, even though I did not anticipate going out of work this early, I do feel safer being at home and closer to the hospital. This makes me happy.

Best moments this week/baby milestones:

We had our shower this past weekend which makes her pending and very soon arrival very real! It was also confirmed that my baby is in fact getting the hiccups on the regular! We were able to see her hiccuping on the ultrasound!

Purchases for baby: 

People spoiled our little one and she is set for the first three months of her life! She has so many cute outfits and great baby paraphernalia.


Purchases for momma:

I order a belly binder for after the C-section or natural birth (if she does decide to flip!) based on recommendations from fellow bloggers and friends.

The bump: 

It is large and heavy! When I switch positions during my sleep it feels like I am transporting a bowling ball from side to side!

Miss anything?

  • not peeing during the night. I have contemplated wearing an adult diaper to avoid disrupting my sleep…
  • seeing my vagina- I am desperate to groom and I cannot see a thing
  • bending over without contemplating if the object I dropped is really worth the trouble
  • sex without feeling like a giant blow fish

Looking forward to? 

Obviously meeting my baby in 15 days!!!!!

Some shower pictures: 


34 week bumpdate 

How far along: 34 weeks and 3 days!

Baby is the size of: A butternut squash, pineapple (she was already this before!), cantaloupe, muskmelon??. Anyways- she is 19-22 inches long and 4.9lbs!

Total weight gain:  I haven’t been on the scale in 10 days, so I could safely assume I am probably up another pound, so maybe 20-21lbs?


  • hot flashes- this are REAL fun
  • heartburn- nothing like feeling like your esophagus is up in flames
  • pregnancy brain- I forget, has this been a symptom of mine for awhile now?
  • rib pain, however it is not as intense as it was in prior weeks
  • braxton hicks contractions

Food cravings:

  • melon
  • pineapple
  • bananas and peanut butter
  • chocolate (specifically Cadbury’s mini eggs)
  • apple juice

Anything making you queasy or sick?:

  • eggs- the sight of them makes my stomach turn

Movement: Yes! I am beginning to really feel her turn and roll. When I put my hand on my stomach its like there is a whole lot going on in there. I now have a vague sense of where all her body parts are.

Stretch marks: nope!

Gender: Girl!

Happy or moody? Generally happy. However, I feel the urge to cry at the drop of the hat. I took a lactation class this past weekend and during parts of it I wanted to burst into tears because they would mention ‘mother-baby bonding’ and sentimental moments. Plus the videos didn’t help…

Best moments this week/baby milestones: My husband had a dream with the baby in it. He doesn’t discuss the baby much given our history and the fact that I don’t think it really hits the partners until the baby is born. So knowing that he is, in fact, thinking of her is HUGE. Mostly for me though.

Purchases for baby: I haven’t purchased anything for the baby, but we did receive a baby bathtub and thermometer, a swing, a boba wrap, and a breast pump this past week!

Purchases for momma: I bought another pair of slip on sneakers…On top of being very pregnant and not being able to bend down, I badly sliced my thumb, on my dominant hand of course, using a medallion slicer….I required 4 stitches.   So this means tying shoes is very much out of the question for the next 10 days. I am a klutz.

The bump: Growing still! Its fun (and slightly odd) to watch it change shape with her moments.

Miss anything? Seeing my who-ha…I desperately need to groom…which will also be out of the question until these stitches come out! Fun times for the husband…

Looking forward to? Friday when my husband comes home from Navy duty!


33 week bumpdate

How far along: 33 weeks 4 days!

Baby is the size of: A honeydew melon, a durian? She is 19 inches long and weighs approximately 4.5lbs.

Total weight gain: 21 pounds.


  • heartburn galore
  • rib pain
  • pregnancy brain
  • peeing every 15-20 minutes

Food cravings:

  • Nothing really this week.

Anything making you queasy or sick?:

  • ew to eggs

Movement: Tons! She is preferring one side of my belly, however, I feel like she is either running out of room on that side, or is exploring my left side. She tends to ball up in one corner and my stomach becomes quite uneven and lumpy! She has also been sitting on/kicking/punching my bladder…its a great sensation!

Stretch marks: nope!!

Gender: Girl!

Happy or moody? I got to say, I am quite happy. The reality of bringing this munchkin home is starting to really set in and I am beginning to get beyond excited!

Best moments this week/baby milestones: Baby has got the hiccups!! She gets them at least twice a day and its a calm sensation. It is also reassuring that I know her lungs are developing as they should.

Purchases for baby: Someone from work gave me a couple cute outfits.

Purchases for momma: I purchased a few items from Gap; loose fitted T’s and 2 zip ups. I know I won’t be fitting into my spring coats and I am sure I’ll be wearing maternity for a little bit after the baby comes…

The bump: Apparently its bigger! My mom made a comment yesterday and a coworker made a comment this morning that it looks bigger! Good! She’s growing!

Miss anything?

  • seeing my toes!
  • being able to hold my pee for longer than 20 minutes
  • easily getting out of bed

Looking forward to? My husband left for military duty this past Sunday and he is returning the 25th, SO I am very much looking forward to him coming home. We are also having out baby shower on April 2. It’ll be coed, so it’ll be more of a party than a typical shower.

32 week bumpdate 

How far along: 32 weeks and 4 days. I cannot believe there is only 7 weeks and 3 days (give or take) left in this pregnancy. It seems so surreal!

Baby is the size of: squash, pomelo, head of lettuce (I believe she was already this size..), large jicama, and/or bok choy. She is 19 inches long and about 3.9lbs!

Total weight gain: 19 pounds


  • heartburn- it likes to wake me up in the middle of the night!
  • frequent peeing- also likes to wake me up in the middle of the night!
  • rib pain
  • pregnancy brain
  • back pain/sciatica… I have been walking with a limp since this morning because the pain is so intense

Food cravings:

  • grapes- too bad they aren’t in season and are over priced! Although, even when I have purchased them they have sucked….This might be a craving I will not be able to satisfy :(.
  • chocolate
  • yesterday I had a crazy craving for mac and cheese and went to the store and purchased all the ingredients to make it for dinner.  It wasn’t kraft. I am not a processed food type of person and I usually steer clear of rich fatty foods… but I HAD to have this meal.

Anything making you queasy or sick?:

  • Eggs actually. Every time I have eaten them in the last couple of weeks I have been sick to my stomach and thrown up. I wonder if  it is an allergy I have developed in the pregnancy?
  • smells!!!!…mostly BO

Movement: Yea!! A pretty decent amount and I love it!

Stretch marks: nope

Gender: girl! Even though we have seen her lady parts on the ultrasound machine several times now, I still nervous that when I deliver they will tell me its a boy. This started last week when some random person looked at me and told me I was having a boy. People like to predict based on how you are carrying. Anyways, this had me nervous considering her room is PINK and everything is very girly….HOWEVER healthy baby is all I care about.

Happy or moody? Happy!

Best moments this week/baby milestones: We took our first birthing class this past Saturday and it gave us information on what to expect about labor and delivery and shortly there after. I made the reservation for the class when I was 25 weeks and 32 weeks seemed like an eternity from then!

Purchases for baby: I received some gifts in the mail; A video monitor, bottles, and a bottle drying rack!

Purchases for momma: nothing this week

The bump: Growing. Apparently  I am quite large. Maybe people have made comments about my size today…

A candid taken this past Sunday at my mother in laws party

Miss anything? 

  • sleeping through the night (ha this won’t be happening for a loooooonnnggg time)
  • touching my toes
  • tying my shoes in seconds flat
  • seeing my lady parts….grooming is a challenge!
  • and pooping regularly

Looking forward to? Dinner with some high school friends this weekend!

31 week bumpdate

How far along: 31 weeks and 5 days!

Baby is the size of: A coconut, a pineapple, or romaine lettuce. She is 18 inches long and 3.2 pounds!

Total weight gain: 19 pounds


  • Hemorrhoids are back! or maybe they never went away….this is a fun one
  • Heartburn/acid reflux…I am popping tums like they are candy
  • Pregnancy brain- if I don’t write it down, I don’t remember it
  • uncomfortable sleeping- every I move in my sleep I feel the weight of my belly and it does not feel so great. It wakes me up…along with the having to pee anywhere from 1am-3am
  • Rib pain- although this seems to be subsiding a little bit!
  • Braxton hicks contractions- my doctor told me to ease up on the spinning (was going 3-4 times a week) because the activity is likely bringing them on. Apparently I am not suppose to have this until closer to 34 weeks. I have heard every practitioner advises differently though.

Food cravings:

  • Pineapple (I was pretty excited when I realized the baby was the size of my favorite fruit this week)
  • Chocolate- on the radio I heard that eating chocolate makes you smarter! A research study was conducted and apparently eating chocolate once a week is associated with improved cognitive functioning!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: nope!

Movement: A ton! She definitely prefers the right side of my abdomen and at times that side is pushed out way more than the left!! I can feel every roll, kick, and turn! I think she might be running out of space!

Stretch marks: nope!

Gender: Girl 🙂

Happy or moody? Generally happy when I am not over tired! When I am over tired, my poor husband gets the brunt of my moodiness.

Best moments this week/baby milestones: Reaching March and being able to say ‘baby is due next week!’

Purchases for baby: nothing this week

Purchases for momma: I ordered a pair of slip on canvas shoes. I figured since its getting warmer this will be easy to slip on as I get bigger over the next 8 weeks. Plus they are super cute. I also ordered a dress for my baby shower! 

The bump: I am kind of in love with it.  Its big and round and gets in the way and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Miss anything? not this week!

Looking forward to?: This Sunday is my mother in laws annual St. Patty’s day party. There will be lots of people there that I haven’t seen since the summer, so I am looking forward to showing off the baby bump and catching up with people.


30 week bumpdate 


How far along: 30 weeks and 5 days. I need to get better at posting earlier in the week! Anyways, we are in the single digit countdown!! 9 weeks and 2 days left….65 days…crazy how time flies.

Baby is the size of: Butternut squash, summer cantaloupe, cabbage or cucumber (shes definitely been a cucumber before, so this one I feel is bullshit. Plus the first three fruits/veggies are way bigger than a cucumber….) She is 17 inches long from head to toe and she weighs approximately 3 pounds!!

Total weight gain: about 18 pounds. I have noticed my weight fluctuates depending on whether or not I have gone to the bathroom (thanks constipation) and water intake. So this week it has ranged from 17-19 pounds.


  • Intense rib pain. It has been especially sore under my left boob. It feels like I am being stabbed and there is almost nothing I can do for relief.
  • back pain
  • pregnancy brain (if I don’t write it down, I forget it)
  • Increase energy!!!!! (Amazing considering that I haven’t slept through the night in weeks!)
  • constipation- although the constant intake of colace has definitely been helping!

Food cravings:

  • CHOCOLATE CAKE! Thankfully, I stayed at my parents last night and my mom had homemade chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting.  She even added real chocolate sprinkles….best. thing. ever.
  • vanilla ice cream with sprinkles (there is definitely a pattern here..)
  • pineapple
  • pizza

Anything making you queasy or sick?:

  • the thought of chicken right now sounds disgusting…. I have noticed that this comes and goes

Movement: YES! My little has definitely increased in movement, or her movements are just getting stronger. My whole stomach bounces when she moves. It is awesome. She is also getting up when I get up. Around 3am, I tend to wake up to pee, and she is right there with me. Its like a dance party in my uterus around that time. I love it. Also I can coerce her into dancing with a little chocolate :).

Stretch marks: Besides my boobs (which were there before), nope!

Gender: Baby Girl!

Happy or moody? I am really pretty happy. I can become easily emotional though. A sad movie or commercial can definitely send me into tears. I have been listening to the podcast The Longest Shortest Time about pregnancy, loss, and parenthood and there was a recent episode about a OBGYN who performs both prenatal care and abortions. She discusses her career, but then deviates to discuss her first pregnancy, which ended in a termination for medical reasons. Her child had abnormalities with the skull and brain that were incompatible with life. As she discussed it and described her emotions, I realized that they were exactly like me. Those feelings for me have not gone away and listening to other woman share those stories brings back the pain. I cried, heavily, on my way home. For me, listening to these other woman discuss their experience makes me think about the daughter I lost and will always remember and it makes me feel connected. Its like experiencing the raw grief allows me to know that she isn’t forgotten and her sister isn’t her replacement.

Best moments this week/baby milestones: Reaching 30 weeks is a huge milestone in my perspective!

Purchases for baby: My best friend was in town this past weekend and we went to Carter’s.  I purchased a few summer dresses for her, some headbands and some bows. I am DONE purchasing stuff now… well besides the odds and ends like diapers and creams that will come later on and closer to her arrival

Purchases for momma: really nice face wash and moisturizer to make me feel oh so pretty.

The bump: Get large! I have noticed that spaces I could easily squeeze into before, I CANNOT right now. I have to be extra aware of my girth.

Miss anything? When I have had a super long and stressful day I miss my glass of wine. I also miss my pre-pregnancy sex life. Sex is not the same when you are hugely pregnant. I am not into it at all and prefer to not be touched aside from a cuddle.

Looking forward to? Well this might be obvious- but 9-10 weeks from now when I will hopefully be meeting my daughter!!

28 week bumpdate 


How far along: 28 weeks and 4 days. Officially in the third trimester! 

Baby is the size of: eggplant or coconut (I swear she was already the size of an eggplant!) She is 16 inches long from head to toe and she weighs around 2.5lbs! 

Total weight gain: 15 pounds according to my scale and 18 pounds according to my doctors. I am fully clothed when I get weighed at the doctors and my appointments are in the evening. When I was weighed last at the doctors (at 27 weeks), I hadn’t pooped in 2 days… I am thinking a pound of my weight gain was poop!

Symptoms: HEARTBURN. HEARTBURN. HEARTBURN. I have to sleep sitting up, otherwise it feels like I have swallowed fire. 

Food cravings: pineapple and chocolate 

Anything making you queasy or sick?: nope

Movement: yes! She likes to move around a lot as I am going to bed and she wakes up with me! 

Stretch marks: nope 

Gender: baby girl! 

Happy or moody? Generally happy although I am  very, very fatigued which can make me moody. 

Best moments this week/baby milestones: getting to the third trimester!!!!

Purchases for baby: a bunch of baby books! 

Purchases for momma: a giant shall because my coat doesn’t zip anymore… 

The bump: growing! My oldest and dearest friend took a few maternity pictures of me this past weekend.  

 Miss anything? Wine

Looking forward to? Next week is our winter break and I am looking forward to working on the nursery. I need to finish another piece of furniture and hang some prints! Also one of my best friends is coming to visit and I cannot wait to see her! 

27 week bumpdate 

How far along:27 weeks and 2 days! I thought 27 weeks was the start of the third trimester…apparently it is 28 weeks. 

Baby is the size of: bunch of bananas, cucumber? (Pretty sure she was already this size…), acorn squash or a yellow turnip… She is 15 inches long and 1.9-2.2 pounds! She is now measuring crown to feet instead of crown to rump. 

Total weight gain: 14 pounds 

Symptoms: oy…

  • Heartburn
  • Constipation 
  • Hemroids- thanks constipation!
  • Very achy legs
  • Sciatica 
  • Forgetfulness aka pregnancy brain 
  • Really really dry nipples- can’t figure out if it’s the weather or a symptom. 

Food cravings: candy 😳… Sour patch kids, gummy bears, twizzlers, kit kats… Basically everything that I shouldn’t be eating! 

Anything making you queasy or sick?: nope! 

Movement: yea! She seems to be feet down and has enjoyed dancing on my bladder the last couple of days. It’s quite alarming to be kicked in the bladder and then to wonder- did I pee myself? 

Stretch marks: just on my boobs but those were there before! 

Gender: baby girl! 

Happy or moody? Happy!! Despite all my symptoms and aches and pains, I couldn’t be happier to be this pregnant!

Best moments this week/baby milestones: apparently she knows my voice! 

Purchases for baby: nothing new this week. 

Purchases for momma: nope, I did schedule a prenatal massage though! 

The bump: growing and rock hard! 

Miss anything? Wine, I’ll be honest. I stared longingly at the glass of red wine the person next to us at dinner was drinking last night. 

Looking forward to? Winter break in 2 weeks! I could use a week off from my commute!