WordPress anniversary

An anniversary of sorts… I started this blog after I lost my baby. I started it as a form of therapy and it worked. The more I wrote, the more connected to a community I became. It is not a community one wants to be a part of; pregnancy loss, but being a part of it has been cathartic and rehabilitating, I was able to express thoughts and feelings that couldn’t be understood by anyone else in my day to day life and it allowed me to connect and feel less alone. For that, I am so grateful. Writing after my my loss and through my subsequent pregnancy allowed me to process my emotions and express myself without inhibition and grace. It helped me come to terms and deal with the bereavement. It helped me heal…

I recently started new blog: a blog of trials and tribulations of parenthood. As I began writing from this new perspective, I was reminded of my beginning. I will never forget the baby that made me a mother. The baby that I hold only in my heart. The baby I only new inside of me for a few months, but loved and wanted so desperately. I would like to hope that her spirit was brought back to me through my two living children. The thought is personal and one that has given me some peace.

If you are in the right headspace and can relate to obstacles of parenthood, especially those that arise from potty training and a strong willed child visit: When in doubt, whip a boob out.

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