Half way

Today I am 20 weeks. Roughly half way. Friday is our anatomy scan. The next major hurdle. When you read so much about pregnancy loss and what if’s, you tend to view the scan with dark clouds looming overhead. Hopefully this baby will be checked off as healthy and we can proceed through the rest of this pregnancy relatively optimistic.

Olivia is obsessed with my belly. She pulls me down so my stomach matches her height and demands to kiss ‘the baby.’ I doubt she fully grasps the concept and how her life is about (hopefully) to change.

I felt the first full on kick a few minutes ago. I suppose that prompted me to update the blog. I have an anterior placenta, so I know feeling movement won’t be as plentiful as if was with Olivia.

Sometimes I am still in disbelief. Some moments, when I am literally running after my daughter who is playing cat and mouse, I forget. In those moments, free from my anxiety, feels nice.