NT scan

Today I had the fearful NT scan. My anxiety started last night. I cried. I don’t remember the last time I actually had, but once Olivia was asleep, I had an adult meltdown. This morning I was more of a wreck. I walked to my in laws to drop Olivia off because I need the fresh air. After she gave me a sweet hug and kiss I was off.

Waiting in the waiting room was hard. Tears flowed again. My husband told me I was being ridiculous. Maybe he was right? I took a deep breathe and brushed them away.

We get called and the minute we enter the room, I can’t control them. They flow and I explain, very vaguely my history. ‘I’ve had bad news with this test before.’ She understood. She was sympathetic. The second the wand was on my belly the heartbeat was detected. Hurdle one. She did a short scan and then told me someone else was coming in: cue- freak out. She assured me it was nothing and that everything looked good, she, however, wasn’t skilled enough to measure the nuchal fold. Fine. Second lady walked in, she was definitely briefed on my psychosis. She was lovely and told me everything that she saw. The baby wasn’t cooperating and wasn’t in the proper position. I drank some juice. I ate some cookies. I walked around. Then we were good to go. She immediately identify the Nuchal fold as being thin before even measuring. To be exact. It measured 1.9. We were good. The baby is good. Whew.

I feel like a weight has been lifted. I know I will be anxious with the anatomy scan, but at least I jumped the first hurdle. So I guess I am really having a baby?

4 thoughts on “NT scan

  1. Hi! Congratulations! I’m hardly ever on WordPress anymore but got emails about your blog updates and have been meaning to comment! So glad all was well at the NT scan. Fab news!

    I’m pregnant again also, due 7th Nov! Stepping on to the pregnancy after loss rollercoaster again!!!

    Wishing you a very healthy and straightforward pregnancy x

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