Sick babies are the most heartbreaking 

It’s been awhile. I am currently trapped under my sleeping, feverish baby. My baby who is technically a toddler with a strong personality and will. She came down with a bug yesterday and has been battling a temp ever since. There is nothing worse than your baby being sick. You worry more and your mind goes to the worst places; where did she get sick from?, didn’t she just have a fever? Does this mean something more significant?, was it the 5 mosquitoes that attached her on Monday at our pkaydate? Was it the play date??, could it be the vaccines she got last week? Why didn’t I space them out more?. Basically you torture yourself until the thermometer goes back to 98.6 and you are reassuared that their little bodies are doing their job. 

I know she won’t need me like this always, and until then, I’ll enjoy her clinginess and the extra cuddles.