I have a one year old…

As of yesterday, my baby is a one year old. I guess technically thag qualifies her for toddlerhood, however I can’t quite wrap my mind around that milestone yet. 

My love for this tiny human is beyond anything I could of ever imagined. I don’t believe I could love her more and then tomorrow comes, and I am proven wrong. Our lives have changed only for the better and I would trade the sleepless nights and mini meltdowns for anything. 

To my baby girl, you are quite the person. Not only are you adorable, but you are strong willed and ridiculously determined. You are cheeky and pleasant and your never wavering smile lights up my word. You are constantly referred to as ‘happiest baby’ and they  are right. Please continue to  go after what you want, to preserve and to smile. And,  please, always  be my happy baby girl.