8 months..

More like 4 days away from 9 months…

I am not doing so hot on keeping up with her monthly updates on time. This updates are more for me to keep track of her development and milestones. It’s so easy to forget as she gets older when major things occurred and I really don’t want to forget a thing. I want to savor and celebrate everything she does. SO without further ado…

Olivia has developed like crazy over the last 4-6 weeks!


  • Has two teeth! They came in one right after the other!
  • Can sit with so much more strength that she has graduated from the baby tub to the real tub! (as of 12/31)
  • She is crawling!
  • is beginning to pull herself up. Sometimes she promptly topples over, but she is still trying
  • is clapping! (as of 1/1)
  • is making this adorable squinty face where she breathes really fast and its hilarious.


  • We are still going strong with breast feeding! She is quite demanding when she wants to be fed. She tugs at my shirt and tries to get my boob through the fabric.
  • We are still doing mostly purees. I have tried baby led weaning, but she wears the food. I get that that is the point, and they are really suppose to play with the food, however, she loves the purees and she gobbles them down. I give her baby puffs and yogis so she is working with her pincer grip, mashing and moving food around her mouth.
  • She LOVES puffs


  • She has slept through the night a total of 4 times in her existence. FOUR.
  • She wakes up at least once a night. This past week it was more like 3 times. Luckily, I was on vacation so it wasn’t the worst timing, however, still sucks
  • Shes roughly napping twice a day. Some days (usually on the weekends when I am home), she will nap for a solid hour each time. She tends to over sleep when she is at my in laws. I am not sure why. I know they hold her a lot and she will fall asleep on them. This might be the reason she boycotts at night..
  • She is mainly sleeping her crib. Some nights when she wakes up at an ungodly hour (is it ever ungodly??) we will bring her into bed with us so we can get some shut eye.


  • She has recently become attached to a stuffed bunny and she wants her everywhere with her
  • She was given the grand piano toy for Christmas and loves it!
  • She plays really well on her own! If I have to shower and she is in her crib with toys, she enjoys herself!