Bad Parenting

I have previously mentioned that I am a teacher. I am specifically a special education teacher who works in a community schools. I help students with special needs within a general education classroom. Recently, we had a busing issue with one of our students and this caused the parent to keep their child off the bus. Despite living blocks away and an approximately 15 walk, she refused to bring her child to school on her own. Meaning, she kept her kid out of school weeks before the state exams for two and a half weeks. This infuriates me for so many reasons, but I became even more angry when I learned that this child was adopted.

I understand this woman is protective of her child and she had a valid reason for keeping him off the bus, but to not bring him to school for most of a month is unacceptable, especially when he has learning disabilities that interfere with his retention of new and learned skills.

The student returned to school today and there was clearly regression in his academics. I became more upset. I asked the child if he read at home, did any math work, did anything educational. In response, he told me ‘nah, I played my DS (handheld videogame) the whole time. I prompted him again by asking him if he read anything while he was out and his response made me even more angry. He proceeded to share with me that not only did he not read, but he did not have a single book at home. I get it- books are expensive and if you aren’t from a family of means, replenishing books can be costly. HOWEVER there is something called the library and one just so happens to be only a few short blocks from this child’s home.

I suppose I should get to my big rhetorically question: How can a mother think she is protecting child by keeping him off an ‘unsafe’ bus when she is preventing him from learning and obtaining skills that will make him more independently and successful? How did this woman get approved for adoption? (And no this was not a foster to adoption case, this child was adopted at birth).

I remain frustrated and baffled with this because I have ‘met’ countless wannabe adoptive parents who are desperate to raise a child and have to jump through hoops to prove their are a fit parent. I just can’t believe that a woman who is granted this gift wouldn’t want the best for their child.

This woman’s excuse was bullshit and proves her laziness. Walk, take a city bus, take a cab (if you can afford it) or teach your TEENAGER to take public transportation on his own. As a parent it is her job to make sure her child is getting what he needs and what he needs is his education.



This is so true.

esspeshalThe glare of the bright sun glints off the surface of the glass. It is covered in swirling fingerprints, whirlpools of identity. Thumbs drum out staccato rhythms: messages, memos, meeting reminders. Close out apps to save that precious life: click, click, swipe, click, click, swipe. We have become entangled in the cords, entrapped by the…

via This Is The Way We Live Now — Thought Catalog

This is so true.

esspeshalThe glare of the bright sun glints off the surface of the glass. It is covered in swirling fingerprints, whirlpools of identity. Thumbs drum out staccato rhythms: messages, memos, meeting reminders. Close out apps to save that precious life: click, click, swipe, click, click, swipe. We have become entangled in the cords, entrapped by the…

via This Is The Way We Live Now — Thought Catalog

35 week bumpdate

How far along: 35 weeks and 3 days!

Baby is the size of: a canary melon, a coconut, a honeydew melon or a spaghetti squash. She is 19-22 inches long and is anywhere from 5-5.5lbs!!

Total weight gain: 22 pounds


  • Pregnancy brain like crazy
  • peeing EVERY 20 minutes
  • heartburn
  • braxton hicks contracts with any activity

Food cravings:

  • Cold fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Cold beverages

Anything making you queasy or sick?: nope

Movement: Yes! and I am hoping she moves herself around so she is head first vs feet first!

Stretch marks: nope

Gender: Girl 🙂

Happy or moody? Happy!

Best moments this week/baby milestones: Knowing that if baby was born she would most likely need minimal to no time in the NICU! At this point she is just getting chubby!

Purchases for baby: My husband came home from Navy duty this weekend and brought her a onesie, a bib, and an adorable hat!

Purchases for momma: The husband brought me back an over-sized sweatshirt!

The bump: Apparently huge. I overheard some colleagues discussing my bump as I walked by. The exact comment was ‘Oh wow, she is so big.’ Thanks for making sure I was out of earshot!

Miss anything?

  • Reaching my feet to be able to tie my shoes
  • Sleeping through the night without having to pee ever 1-2 hours
  • Pooping without the aid of twice daily stool softeners

Looking forward to? Our baby shower this Saturday and see all of/most of our favorite people!

Anxiety, anxiety, and anxiety 

I wake up multiple times in the middle of the night,typically the catalyst is my ever shrinking bladder. When I return my bed, I can’t drift back to sleep until I feel a movement. Sometimes it happens instantaneous, sometimes I have toward seconds to minutes which feels like eternity. This is the time my mind wanders to dark places…

As my much awaited due date approaches, I am crippled with anxiety. Will I actually meet my daughter? 

I am 13 days away from being full term. As far as anyone is concerned, she’s healthy. It is now up to my body to ensure she stays safe until she is ready to join the world. Body don’t fail me now. 

The most adorable shop there ever was

My best and long time friend recently started an Etsy shop during her maternity leave. What she had anticipated as being a leave of roughly 4 months, turned into an indefinite leave. Her ungrateful employer laid her off just weeks after having her adorable baby boy. In efforts to contribute to her household income, she put her creativity to use and started a little Etsy shop: KellianCFrost

Features in the shop, are handmade tassel necklaces and tie dye onesies. I was gifted one of these tassel necklaces and I can confidently say, not only is it incredibly well-made, it is gorgeous and easily spruces up ANY old outfit. Its my go-to accessory and I am obsessed.

 Handmade Tassel necklace featured above 

I typically love pairing this necklace with a white or black T, skinny jeans or leggings and a chambray cardigan. This necklace adds flare to any bland outfit! 

My dear friend recently dappled in tie dye and what came about was short of a master piece. Let’s just say, if I tried to tie die infant attire, not only would I be wearing most of the dye, but I could guarantee that the onesie would be mono-colored and ugly. Her canvas was a white onesie from, Baby University. Their cotton is soft to the touch and comfortable on a baby’s sensitive skin. I plan on purchases quite a few of these beauties once we welcome our daughter into the world. I can’t wait to tap into my inner hippie and tote my baby around this summer rocking this adorable get-up!

tye dye onesie, 6-9 months

This post was written to promote an ETSY shop owned and operated by the wonderful and talented, KellianCFrost

Baby is feet first…

How foolish of I to think she was head down! I am 34 weeks 6 days and baby is happily sitting upright… 

The doctor told me not to fret, she still has time and room to flip.

Worst case scenerio: scheduled c-section a week before my due date. 

Turn baby turn! 

34 week bumpdate 

How far along: 34 weeks and 3 days!

Baby is the size of: A butternut squash, pineapple (she was already this before!), cantaloupe, muskmelon??. Anyways- she is 19-22 inches long and 4.9lbs!

Total weight gain:  I haven’t been on the scale in 10 days, so I could safely assume I am probably up another pound, so maybe 20-21lbs?


  • hot flashes- this are REAL fun
  • heartburn- nothing like feeling like your esophagus is up in flames
  • pregnancy brain- I forget, has this been a symptom of mine for awhile now?
  • rib pain, however it is not as intense as it was in prior weeks
  • braxton hicks contractions

Food cravings:

  • melon
  • pineapple
  • bananas and peanut butter
  • chocolate (specifically Cadbury’s mini eggs)
  • apple juice

Anything making you queasy or sick?:

  • eggs- the sight of them makes my stomach turn

Movement: Yes! I am beginning to really feel her turn and roll. When I put my hand on my stomach its like there is a whole lot going on in there. I now have a vague sense of where all her body parts are.

Stretch marks: nope!

Gender: Girl!

Happy or moody? Generally happy. However, I feel the urge to cry at the drop of the hat. I took a lactation class this past weekend and during parts of it I wanted to burst into tears because they would mention ‘mother-baby bonding’ and sentimental moments. Plus the videos didn’t help…

Best moments this week/baby milestones: My husband had a dream with the baby in it. He doesn’t discuss the baby much given our history and the fact that I don’t think it really hits the partners until the baby is born. So knowing that he is, in fact, thinking of her is HUGE. Mostly for me though.

Purchases for baby: I haven’t purchased anything for the baby, but we did receive a baby bathtub and thermometer, a swing, a boba wrap, and a breast pump this past week!

Purchases for momma: I bought another pair of slip on sneakers…On top of being very pregnant and not being able to bend down, I badly sliced my thumb, on my dominant hand of course, using a medallion slicer….I required 4 stitches.   So this means tying shoes is very much out of the question for the next 10 days. I am a klutz.

The bump: Growing still! Its fun (and slightly odd) to watch it change shape with her moments.

Miss anything? Seeing my who-ha…I desperately need to groom…which will also be out of the question until these stitches come out! Fun times for the husband…

Looking forward to? Friday when my husband comes home from Navy duty!